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Eagle Rock Christian Church

Rev Leowen Evans, Pastor/Teacher

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray that all is well with you and our family. The time for our “Annual Homecoming/Memorial/Family Day” Celebration is almost upon us. We look forward to your return home. May our Lord and Savior grant you traveling mercies.

Eagle Rock Christian Church will be hosting a one-day Homecoming Celebration on Sunday, May 15th, 2022. Our Homecoming Worship Service will open at 9:45 am with Praise and Worship Service. The Mass Choir will minister through song and we will honor our deceased family members during the annual lighting of the Memorial Candle. The theme for this year is “Called To Be A Son of God.” The core Scripture is Revelation 21:7. At the conclusion of the sermon, the annual “Roll Call” will give each family an opportunity to bring a special offering to the Lord (Malachi 3) and then we will journey to the Cemetery to honor our deceased loved ones.

This year, we aim for a more relaxed attire during the morning Worship Service. Each family has the option of designing a family t-shirt or selecting a family t-shirt color to wear during the morning Worship Service. Following the journey to the cemetery, we will return to the church for a delicious dinner and Christian fellowship. The catered meal will come from Fitzgerald’s Seafood. If you plan to attend the 2022 Homecoming Celebration please complete the following Google Survey by Friday, May 6th at

The 2022 Homecoming Committee has planned a Homecoming Day that will honor and thank God for being our Lord and Savior and the Source of our fun, food, and fellowship. The fellowship following the catered meal will include indoor and outdoor activities for all ages to enjoy.

Please feel free to contact your 2022 Homecoming Committee Leaders: Brenda Covington at 919.931.1099, LaShaunda Sutton at 919.250.8854 or Shannon Barfield at 919.274.7912, for clarifications, if needed. You can also visit our Facebook page for more information

We hope that both you and your branch of our family will be able to join us on this special day. We thank God for being Our Father--He and He alone makes us Family.

In His Name and For His Glory,

Leowen Evans

Rev. Leowen Evans, Pastor