Eagle Rock Christian Church

Rev Leowen Evans, Pastor/Teacher

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray that all is well with you and our family. The time for our "Homecoming/Memorial/Family Day" Celebration is almost upon us. We look forward to your return home!

Great News! This year we will return to our two-day Homecoming Celebration. On Saturday, May 20th, from 10 am to 2 pm, we will enjoy picnic food, indoor and outdoor games, and activities for all ages. The attire is come as you are--just remember: "dress to have fun."

On Sunday, May 21, "Praise and Worship" begins at 9:45 am. The Mass Choir will minister through song. "A Memorial Candle" will be lit to honor our deceased family members. During the Sermon, we will ask the Spirit to explain the handwriting on the wall: "You Have Been Weighed...and Found Wanting" (Daniel 5:27). (Each family may wear a t-shirt of their own design/color.)

"Roll Call" follows the Sermon--each family will have an opportunity to bring a special offering (Malachi 3). After we conclude Worship, we will "Journey to the Cemetery," and then return to the Church for a delicious dinner and Christian Fellowship. (Our meal will be catered by Fitzgerald's Seafood.)

To help us serve you, please complete the RSVP Form, by Friday, May 5th, using the link: Eagle Rock Christian Church Homecoming RSVP 2023. If you have any questions, please contact your 2023 Homecoming Committee Leaders: MaLena Evans at 919-559-6611, Brenda Covington at 919-931-1099, or Annette Holman at 919-961-2778. You can also visit our website at http://www.eaglerockcc.com or Facebook page at Eagle Rock Christian Church - www.eaglerockcc.com for more information.

Touch and agree with me: "Father, grant each family member traveling mercies as they journey home to honor You and to acknowledge that You, and You Alone, make us Family.

In The Name of Christ and For The Father's Glory,

Pastor Evans